The Must Know Antivirus Basics

December, 2019

You know that you need some form of protection for your computer whether it is for personal use or business. Making the choice of which one to use can be a real challenge with there being so many antivirus software programs to choose from. There are free and paid versions, which add to the confusion. Often the common thought is that all of these software's that are made to protect your computer are basically the same. This is not really not factual although they will all have some level of basics, but most will add additions to their antivirus packages for extra protection.

Antivirus vs. Security Software

Another level of confusion that often sets in is between antivirus software and security software. For those that are looking for protection they are aware of the common threats which are a variety of different types of viruses, malware, and Trojans. Then on top of this there are additional problems that are corrected with antivirus software programs such as the implementation of firewalls anti-phishing software and software that deals with spam. What has not been mentioned yet is also the protection that is needed for personal data such as banking a protection and passwords.


You also have to be aware of what platforms the antivirus software that you are considering will work on. There is some that is designed to only work on devices operated with the Windows system while others will work on Android, for example. You really need to know what your device operating system is and whether the antivirus software you are considering is going to be compatible with this.

Multiple Device Protection

The next thing you also want to consider is how many different devices that you have and how much protection do you want to put on them. Are you satisfied with just a basic antivirus program or do you want to go a level up and include security as well? Then once making this decision how many devices do you need to implement this on?

Doubling Up

Often because of the confusion that can set in when choosing an antivirus program some individuals will consider putting more than one on the computer feeling that they are going to get the best of both. This can be a bad idea as often one of the anti-software will clash with the other which means that neither one will be able to work to its full potential. If you have a current antivirus program on your system now and you are going to change it then you really want to make sure that you remove the current one completely before adding the new one.

Free vs Paid

Some are confused as to whether they can trust the free antivirus software and feel that because it's free that they may not be getting the protection that they need. What it is going to come down to is what your expectations are. If you are personal user of the computer most often a quality free antivirus will give you all the protection that you're looking for, however if you want scaled up security then you would need to go to one of the security packages. Most often the paid versions are most applicable to all level of businesses where the choice has to be made in respect to what the main features and benefits of the software possess.


Some individuals hold off putting antivirus software on the computer because they are concerned that it will interfere with their daily use of this equipment or that it will slow it down. The only way this will happen is if you are choosing one that is not compatible with your system. They will use up some memory, but when doing your research for the one that is most applicable for you pay attention to how much memory, it uses and if there are any special advantages to the one you are thinking about.

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