How Important Is Your Email Security

December, 2019

One of the most common uses both on a personal level and business level is using the computer to check one's email. Most often not a lot of thought is given to just how dangerous this can be when it comes to infecting the computer being used with viruses. Because of the easy accessibility to targeting computers email scams are one of the most common ways to be utilized to create an infection. Unfortunately most individuals are not tech savvy and don't realize just how much danger they are putting their computer in with just the simple checking and utilizing of the email system.

Email spamming

There are some very common hacks that are carried out by the unscrupulous individuals that spend all their time doing this. Most people are becoming well aware of these and will now be able to recognize a scam quickly.

Usually the viruses that are included in the spamming are generated through a theme. It may be that you are receiving emails asking for money for someone that is in a dire situation. Another one may be that you are being warned about a virus that is going around the Internet, and being the good person that you are you're being asked to share the email with your family and friends. Unknowingly to you this very email itself contains a virus. For most people they find that this is annoying, but don't realize that there is actually a virus embedded in the email itself. Often this can be done through hidden HTML codes that are hidden in the body of the email.

Virus downloads

Another common way to get a virus effectively into your computer is to send you some enticing email with an attachment to it. The attachment may be something that they are enticing you to open. It could be a simple image that is appealing and at it has peaked your interest, but the moment that you open the file your computer has now become infected. One of the biggest protections that you can put in place in this case is never to open an attachment unless you specifically know the person that it is coming from.

Viruses through link generation

This one is probably the most dangerous because the sender is looking for personal information. This is where you will send your personal information with the hopes of getting something such as a free e-book or download, for example. You are given a link to click on and once you do so then you are now infected. Most often these will come through accounts that you already own perhaps your Facebook or your Instagram account telling you that you need to reset your password and that you can do it right from the email. Once you do this you have been duped.

Choosing antiviruses with email protection

You are going to find that when you are seeking out antivirus protection that it gives you all different levels and one of these should include the email protection. Don't be concerned about having to set up this protection because usually whatever software you are buying will have it already built into the system, and it will automatically set up your computer for the protection that you need. Make sure you choose antivirus software that includes this feature.

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