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Trend Micro has managed to blend some security into their main focus of antivirus protection in the Trend Micro AntiVirus+ Internet Security software. Trend Micro is not the new kid on the block when it comes to online protection. They have been in the business of developing software security solutions for over 25 years and were originally founded in LA, California, but now reside in Tokyo Japan. </br>


Trend Micro has included some basic security measures like filtering for spam and a boost for a firewall along with its Antivirus components. This product has gone through the majority of testing labs with mixed results, but the final outcome is that it is a decent product and one that can be considered by those that want to depend on significant antivirus protection.


By relying on the Trend Micro AntiVirus+ Internet Security software you are going to be protected against ransomware. Plus another protection that is really significant is against email scams. When it comes to the viruses that will be warded off with this Antivirus there are over 2.5 million that will be addressed.


The implementation of ransomware is really important as this is what gives you protection against infiltration into personal info. on your computer and locking up files on your computer, that you are then held ransom for in order to access them. You also get notified during search or when accessing social sites if dangerous links are present. Then as an added extra there is the filter for span and  a firewall booster.


Overall the lab testing results are not consistent which adds to some confusion as to the strengths and weaknesses of the software.  It is only applicable to one device.


Trend Micro AntiVirus+ Internet Security software is going to cost you $39.95


This AntiVirus can be categorized as good for its malware blocking.  When it comes to Anti-phishing it can be placed in the excellent category. There are no complaints with its firewall booster or the spam filtering. Overall anyone wanting to buy the Trend Micro AntiVirus+ Internet Security software could do so with confidence.


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