About BullGuard

BullGuard has been in the software security business since 2002 and is situated in the UK. They have a duel focus on both internet security as well as Antivirus protection. One of the aspects that lends to their credibility is that they have been favored by the gaming industry for the provision of security and virus protection.


BullGuard takes pride in their system performance which means that by utilizing it it’s not going to slow down your device’s performance. It can do its job while you go about doing yours. They are also high on offering good support through a variety of methods which is a real bonus when you compare this to other software providers.


This software has a combination of signature based detection along with behavioural detection which makes it quite powerful as it creates more than one line of defence. The key focus with this AntiVirus software is prevention rather than correction.


BullDog uses an unwanted app tools that helps to prevent the installation of unwanted applications on your computer. You can forget about having to worry about email spam because it won’t even get to your inbox with this AntiVirus program. Plus you have phishing scam protection.


Some reports are showing that this software doesn’t have a perfect record for removing malware that it has detected. It does miss a small percentage of spam, and overall the antivirus scan seems to be a little slow.


The cost for the BullDog AntiVirus software is $29.95.


Basically you are getting some good protection albeit with a few mentioned flaws, but at a decent and comparable price. For those that don’t want a lot of bells and whistles attached to their antivirus protection then BullDog will make a good choice.


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